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Scrap Metal Prices - How to track the trend

The thought of making some extra cash by simply selling scrap metal sounds intriguing, but first there are some things to learn about scrap metal prices and their volatility. As we all know, markets are volatile; one day the price of gold can be sky-rocketing only to turn around the next day and find it has drastically dropped in value. Well, scrap metal prices follow this same trend. Whether you are buying or selling aluminum, platinum, copper, or steel – the prices are volatile and you will need to check the market values on a frequent basis.

But scrap metal buying can still be a very lucrative business; this is portrayed by its long standing tradition and its existence for centuries. In fact, many immigrants and lower class families have been meeting the needs of their families for centuries by selling scrap metal. Some have even founded family legacies by turning their scrap metal buying and selling into a corporate trade venture that has made them quite prosperous and affluent.  Whenever you see a homeless man or woman digging through garbage cans for aluminum soda cans – you are looking at the scrap metal trade in action. But how can you know the value of the scrap that you are collecting? With prices that constantly vary based on daily market values, you will need to do some background work, checking into values on a regular basis in order to know your current scrap metal prices.


We have established the fact that scrap metal prices constantly vary based on current market prices, but local versus international markets also vary drastically. Your best bet when selling scrap metal is to research local buyers and the prices per pound they are currently paying. Of course, their rates will fluctuate based on international markets. Finding a fair local dealer can take some background research. Try to find one whose prices adequately reflect the international market prices, as the buyer will likely be exporting the metal they buy internationally.

The type of material that you have also depends on the price per pound that you receive. Some scrap metal buyers will buy everything you have, while others only deal in aluminum or copper or steel. So you definitely have some background research to do before selling or collecting your scrap metals.


You may only have dollar signs in your eyes when it comes to the scrap metal business, but scrap metal buying and selling is a form of recycling at its best! Metal does not disintegrate or dissolve into thin air. If it is not recycled, then it ends up filling the world’s landfills and adding toxicity to the surrounding soils and waters.

Whether you are simply collecting aluminum cans and returning them in for the five cent deposit, or selling an entire fleet of vehicles in for scrap – you are helping the environment along with your pocket book!

Overall, scrap metal buying and selling can be a very lucrative business at many levels. First, you are better off doing background research into local and international metal prices. Find out what your local dealers are buying and for what price.  Then you just have to be ready to sell or buy when the market is in your favor!


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