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Our rhodium recycling service provides rhodium recycling of all forms and alloys. We buy and recycle all rhodium including rhodium-platinum thermocouple wire as well as unwanted rhodium lab crucibles and industrial equipment. We provide rhodium recycling of type S platinum-rhodium and rhodium type R thermocouples and more.

Some forms of rhodium scrap include:

Rhodium Scrap

  • Rhodium Plating Process Waste
  • Platinum-Rhodium Wire
  • White Gold-Rhodium Plated Jewelry
  • Rhodium Alloy Laboratory Ware and Crucibles
  • 13% Rhodium Scrap Thermo Couples


Rhodium Recycling for Your Particular Desires

Industrial Surplus Inc. rhodium recycling services are custom designed to provide the greatest alternatives to recycle your rhodium scrap. We develop a tailored rhodium recycling agenda that is appropriate to your company's rhodium scrap collecting and recycling necessity. First, we evaluate your array of rhodium recycling desires, your volume of rhodium scrap produced and the type of rhodium alloy present. Then, we assess which rhodium recycling agenda compensates more to recycle your rhodium scrap. Last, using the data given, we can establish the best method for your company’s rhodium scrap and assist on maximizing your profit from rhodium recycling.