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There’s several news that the democratic-funds in Minnesota are twice as much money this year as their Republican-tilting counterparts as the battle for control of the state Legislature heats up. For the state be it an electoral vote or water meter recycling; everything is a big choice. It is a big choice to trust the right company for water meter recycling in Minnesota . At Industrial Surplus we will design feasible options and alternatives in order to recycle water meter scrap in Minnesota , brass metal recycling in Minnesota  and electrical wires recycling in Minnesota . Our specialized team will make sure you are a satisfied end user by following our strategies and offers to your company’s water meter recycling needs.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is introducing its recycling services in Minnesota because the state is taking several measures to ensure that recycling is one of the state’s major goals. We at Industrial Surplus Inc. recycle x-ray film and are now venturing into water meter scrap recycle, brass metal recycling and electrical wire recycling in Minnesota.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has nearly thirty years of experience in buying and selling industrial equipment and heavy machinery. We are now also heavily involved in buying and selling of water meters. Industrial Surplus Inc. is associated with water meter recycling services Minnesota , Brass metal recycling in Minnesota  and Electrical wire recycling in Minnesota .

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