Do you need to rid yourself of a forklift?  Then, sell it to a surplus company such as Industrial Surplus, Inc

Use the following steps to sell your forklift.

1.  Take some photos, about 4 – 8 images, of the forklift.  The photos should be of the front, back, right and left side.  You should also include photos of controls and seating area.  Include as many photos as needed to  accurately portray the condition of the forklift.

2.  Document the specifications of the forklift.  Include the following information:  manufacturer, model, fuel type, engine displacement, gasoline or diesel, year (produced).

3.  Identify if the forklift is operational or not in service.  If the forklift is not in service, list when it was last in service and what is believe to the issue(s) with the forklift.

4.  List the asking price

Collect all of the information above and contact your surplus company.  Industrial Surplus buys forklifts nationwide.

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