Industrial Surplus Inc. launches a nationwide buying trip which will cover major energy, nuclear and power plants making Industrial Surplus Inc the nation’s go-to choice for sustainable company across several industrial fields.

Industrial Surplus Inc. tries to keep up with the changing times by working rigorously and systematically to assure quality control and maximize the return on investment for all our associates, vendors at all leading nuclear, energy and power plants.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has successful, hassle free strategies to create a beneficial alliance with their associates at all the leading power plants, energy plants and nuclear plants. When it comes to dealing with scrap, surplus, reusable or new or old overstock inventory Industrial Surplus Inc. has acquired a go-to-company status nationwide because it underscores its uncontested leadership in sustainability across major industries. Industrial Surplus Inc. is interested in buying valves, motors, chillers, switch-gear, breakers, transformers, electrical, heavy equipment, forklifts, tools, cable wire, machinery etc.

At Industrial Surplus Inc. we are looking to buy surplus inventory and make the best offer on it. Many power plants have surplus inventory sitting in the dust which can actually be sold and generate income by simply approaching Industrial Surplus. Industrial Surplus’s asset recovery program is unbeatable and “un-matchable”.

The bigger, larger the material – the better it is. Most power plants have reusable or scrap steel, valves, oil transformers, generators, electrical, switches in large amounts. The management of Industrial Surplus would like to make an appointment with you and visit you on site, evaluate the material and pay upfront before anything is loaded or leaves the property with a certified cashier’s check or a bank wire.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has also achieved a very good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its efforts in the area. The corporate is located in Houston, TX with 18 lay down yards nationwide and a possibility of adding more yards towards the end of 2015.