Industrial Surplus Inc. now is in the electronic waster disposal industry to recycling surplus and used electronic component parts Intel 286, Intel 386, Intel 486 chips, Pentium processors, memory rams, hard drive boards, LCD monitors, and cell phones. The company now has a new site, We are now in the business of recycling these parts and components in order to eliminate and solve all forms of electronic waste disposal.

Industrial Surplus Inc. will sell and buy any type and size of industrial surplus electronic equipment or parts. As always Industrial Surplus Inc. will give the best prices for the used electronic components and sell them at reduced prices for your surplus industrial needs. As one of the nation’s industrial surplus leaders and pioneers, Industrial Surplus Inc. have the high standards and integrity to maintain them with their vast inventory of surplus machines to make sure our buyers will have the best deals we will continue to serve and diversify into numerous opportunities in the industrial surplus world. Please visit us at