In today’s mass produced world a lot of fortune 500 companies generate so much surplus from over-ordering, not utilizing, not communicating or accounting for the material that they buy for their production and manufacturing. They are unable to identify what they have and what they need to generate more production. Most companies would spend a million to save half a million. This is how they generate more surpluses by ordering the same stuff that they already have. Sometimes they don’t correspond with their warehouses or material is not shipped on time or there is a lack of communication between several executives that results in accumulating more surplus.

This is why Industrial Surplus Inc serves such companies and assists them step by step to identify such material that may be obsolete in these organizations but will be of value in the asset recovery market. Industrial Surplus Inc. buys and sells variety of such surplus at a very reduced, reduced price.

The best aspect about Industrial Surplus is that we have multiple yards all across the nation – so if you are a company operating out of Michigan or in Alaska we can serve you based on our geographic advantage.

Let’s not kid ourselves – will you not agree that most companies will be more financially stable if they kept their asset accountability in the flow. If all the managers and executives would do a bi-weekly inventory follow up and see what surplus they have. This would help corporate generate some revenue on material that they didn’t even notice in the first place, it adds to their corporate funds, it adds to the profitability of the company and also gives ample space for more production or storage.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has been doing this for the past 30 years and we see the hidden potential in such companies that gets lost in translation.

For ALL of your surplus needs, contact Industrial Surplus Inc. for selling and buying.

– Gino Parker, President of Industrial Surplus Inc.