Imagine a world without electricity. Being in the dark would be so different because we take light for granted. From the light switch on the walls surrounding you in your home, work or business to Hospitals and Airports, we use electricity for everything. How does electricity work, you ask?

Most electricity is made by turbine blades rotating at speeds high enough to produce electricity in a generator. The blades can be turned by water, steam or wind. Next, the electricity flows through metal conduction to a switchyard, where a transformer steps up voltage for transmission. Then, transmission lines efficiently carry high-voltage electricity over long distances to substations. At substations, electricity is stepped down so it can travel over smaller distribution lines to homes and businesses everywhere. Distribution lines carry electricity to neighborhoods. After that, an electric-pole transformer reduces the voltage to a level that can be used in homes. Finally, electricity is used in so many different ways.

As an electrical equipment buyer, we know that it takes a lot of different types of equipment, machinery and material to make it all happen effortlessly. In order for electricity to be created, certain electrical equipment is needed such as turbines, cable/wire, switch-gear, substations, transformers, breakers, panels etc. Although electrical equipment is expensive, surplus electrical equipment isn’t. Therefore, when surplus electrical equipment buyer is needed for new installment, for replacement or removal, we can help.

This is why we are different, because we are trying to teach and share our knowledge concerning electrical. We have a certified team across the country, coast to coast that will visit your facility which is only a telephone call or email away.

At Industrial Surplus Inc, we buy and handle it all. Our buyers are currently looking to buy all types of electrical equipment such as cable and wire, breakers, transformers, substations, circuit boards,

This is what we buy and sell. We have new surplus, refurbished and used equipment, machinery and material. We like to buy items in the electrical family such as used electrical equipment breakers, switch-gear, transformers, load centers, motor controls, conduit, all types of electrical wire; short runs or long runs; any size, any style, pretty much everything that has to do with electrical, we are involved in it. We like to buy it and we like to sell it, we are your one stop shop. We have multiple sister company offices and lay-down yards throughout the States. That’s why we make is easy for our customers on the selling or buying part, either way, to clear their excess inventory.