Waste Management Hierarchy

The are many reasons why wanting to partner with a waste management resource can benefit a company. Companies are looking for alternative methods of disposing of waste, unused equipment, materials, and machinery. The traditional method of taking these items to a trash yard or a salvage yard does not benefit anyone. It requires time and money to dispose of these wasteful items using traditional methods. It is the reason why companies are partnering with waste management or surplus companies. Waste and trash becomes benefit and not a hindrance.

Consider a 10 or 20 year old paper mill company or a chemical company who has decided to upgrade their assembly line and manufacturing equipment. Old equipment is dismantled, torn apart, broken down. The metal is sent to a scrap yard. The remaining is disposed of as waste. The workers and labor it will take to dismantle equipment. The safety concerns are often overlooked. The value of the equipment, the parts, the resale value is undermined and ignored. In the end, it cost the company a lot money to rid themselves of equipment and materials they no longer need or want.

By partnering with a waste management company or a surplus company initially before dismantling parts, the old equipment can be evaluated and appraised for cost value. Instead of only getting scrap metal value, now companies can get value for the equipment as well as for the scrap metal.

Now, consider a company who has need to demolition a building and all of the equipment and materials inside. Typically, the company clear the building of products, move the shelving and equipment to another location or storage where it will stay indefinitely.

By partnering with a waste management or surplus company, an old building can be demolished, but the assets of the building can become profitable. Copper wire, electrical control panels, alarm systems, scrap metal and more can all provide revenue. This is referred to as asset reallocation or asset recovery. It can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Finally, considering a steel company who manufacturer pipes. While making steel pipes, the company generate an excess amount of steel waste. Pipes are cut and threaded causing scrap steel to be casted off. By parte

There are many reasons to partner with a company who has experience with disposing of waste and surplus material. Hopefully, this document helps in making a clear and good decision.

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