Industrial Surplus World now specializes in the engineering, and manufacturing of oilfield drilling equipment, valves, and oil rig packages. Industrial Surplus is buying 30” G4’s and 30” G9 valves for their 2014 inventory as topsides of fixed and floating offshore structures.

Industrial Surplus announces a purchase plan for full line of drilling and well servicing equipment such as work over/well servicing rigs, valves, land rigs, draw works, pumps, top drives, rotary tables, traveling blocks, pipe racking, pipe handling, iron roughnecks, hydraulic catheads, conventional or mechanized catwalks, BOP handling, riser handling, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, pedestal cranes, and many more oilfield equipment required for drilling or work over operations.

Industrial Surplus will be interested in material that is designed for land rigs to operate efficiently in various terrains such as diverse climate conditions and rough terrains, in addition to being easily transported, moved, and erected. There is also an immense interest generated in the market regarding the oil field rigging equipment that would design, build, and install automation and controls system using Program Marble Logic Controllers PLC, Distributed Control Systems DSC, and Diverse distributed Control Systems DDCS.

Industrial Surplus World promises to delve in continuing customer support is backed by our service and maintenance commitment. Industrial Surplus Inc wants to provide a wide range of product support tactics ranging from online support to guaranteed onsite response. Industrial Surplus adheres to strict standards which promote trust and honesty throughout our organization. We are committed to run our business with integrity and honesty, and we will not compromise either of these values in our day-to-day operations.


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