Industrial Surplus Inc. is launching a sales campaign that will offer greater discounts and supreme value for inventory that could cost a fortune. This sales campaign will be effective shortly and will extend to major energy, nuclear and power plants. It will introduce a great window of opportunity to several procurement managers and materials managers at these corporations and plants to buy from an American company with a state-of-the-art warehouse instead of bidding through auctions.

This move by Industrial Surplus Inc. is to strive to be nation’s best choice for surplus material and heavy equipment across several industrial fields — forklifts, valves, turbines, scrap metal, copper wire, circuit breakers, and more. Industrial Surplus sells all industrial and mechanical equipment nationwide.

Industrial Surplus Inc. work hard to remain current with the changing times by working rigorously and systematically to assure quality control and maximize the return on investment for all our associates, vendors at all leading nuclear, energy and power plants. There’s so much potential to save when a particular transformer, breaker, valve or gear is purchased from Industrial Surplus because we work hard to service our customers and clients.

Industrial Surplus Inc. takes pride in delivering a particular one-of-a-kind breaker to Capitol Hill in Washington. We have helped in finding United Airlines with the right inventory so the nation can fly friendly skies. We have been incredibly honored in being the only company to walk in the United States Enrichment Corp and do business with them and provide for them.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has a successful, hassle-free strategy to create a beneficial alliance with their clients and associates at all the leading power plants, energy plants and nuclear plants.

Industrial Surplus work hand-in-hand with its clients to create a just-in-time work flow to continually dispose of excess inventory and recycle materials.

Just recently we also opened the doors to our office for several Procurement managers and employees of our associates’ corporations to come and office with us.

Industrial Surplus also gives you a guest office if you need to work out some sales for us at our warehouse and pull some orders in. Why go back and forth when you can office with us and we will give you all the resources and assistance to get you loaded and ready for your purchase.

Industrial Surplus carries millions worth of inventory in thousands of products. Some of our product portfolio includes but is not limited to: Electric motors, Electric Drives, Chain Hoists, Air Tuggers, Forklifts, Valves, Transformers, Panel boards, Breakers, Enclosures, Fire and Safety equipment, Flow Meters, Electrical Interlock kits, Capacitors, Bearings, Flanges, Sprockets, Gear, Air compressors, Air dryers, Air conditioners, Lighting and Light Fixtures, Hardware, CPU Boards/ In-Output Modules, Plumbing Fixtures, Pressure Washers, Starters, Motor Starters, Pumps, Actuators, Transmitters, Tools and Welding equipment.

When it comes to dealing with scrap, surplus, reusable materials, new or old, overstock, and excess inventory, they can handle all products of every kind. It is this flexibility and wide range or products that have given Industrial Surplus the “go-to” company status nationwide.

We also provide excellent customer service and exceptional response time. They demonstrate incomparable leadership across major industries by building long lasting relationships with its clients. Industrial Surplus Inc is interested in buying valves, motors, chillers, switch-gear, breakers, transformers, electrical, heavy equipment, forklifts, tools, cable wire, machinery etc.

Industrial Surplus Inc. has also achieved a very good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and now are proud to be endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce for our relentless efforts in the industrial area. The corporate is located in Houston, TX at a 500,000 sq ft state of the art warehouse with 18 lay down yards nationwide and a possibility of adding more yards towards the end of 2015.