The Perfect Sale

Here at Industrial Surplus World, we work to create the perfect sale.  You may ask, “what is the perfect sale?”  This document explains broadly the idea of the perfect sale.  The perfect sale may vary for you or your company.  For us here at Industrial Surplus World, we can outline the perfect sale in the following manner.  The perfect sale includes what happens before the actual sale, what happens during the sale, and post sale steps to maintain customer loyalty.  Our goal is to have the customer enjoy his/her experience with Industrial Surplus from first contact onward.  Below are the steps we take to establish the perfect sale.

  1. We introduce our company through many medians such as our website, social media, newsletter, and other advertising avenues.  We work to have the same or similar message throughout.  We want our customers to feel desired and appreciated.
  2. When a customer makes a sale, we accept the purchase with gratitude.  We gather information about their purchase – name, contact, address, and email information. We gather information to build our mailing list.
  3. We work to give the customer the best price and best value for the product and/or service.
  4. After the sale, we thank our customers
  5. We continue to follow up with customers (who have agreed to our mailing list).
  6. We listen to each complaint and/or concern from our customer.  We work to address each one of them.

Following these steps above at a high level, creates the perfect sale for us at Industrial Surplus World.  Your company may have similar workflow steps.