Centrifuge Repair

Centrifuge repair and centrifuge maintenance is a crucial activity for all businesses to insure that their machines will run properly and optimally. Like a car, all centrifuges needs to be checked and monitored on a daily basis. To maintain proper functioning, the centrifuge must be inspected and cleaned regularly, parts need to be lubricated as indicated in the owner's manual, speed must be checked and calibrated, timer accuracy must be verified on a monthly basis, and a record of repairs and service calls must be kept.

As a precautionary measure, check the centrifuge drum parts and its surrounding areas. As a means to prevent future centrifuge maintenance spray plastic onto or use corrosion resistant lining with all the parts. Check all important parts for corrosion and start doing centrifuge repair by replacing the corrupted parts with stainless or quality steel.

Consistent and good maintenance and repair procedures will guarantee the tool’s safe operation in the long run and lifespan of the machine. Here are a few guidelines to follow: after seven to fourteen hundred hours of machine run time, conduct the necessary checkup to the centrifuge parts as stated above and then make the repairs as needed.

Once the machine the three thousand to four thousand operating hours, the required centrifuge repair will be needed if the drum rims gets fractured, the wheel gets loose or when the drum shaft gets corroded or damaged. A few minor centrifuge maintenance that need to be regardless of how long the machine has been running is to clean the bearing parts and tighten all bolts. In doing centrifuge repair, alter all rubber shock absorbers as needed, check all bearings on a regular basis, replace any screenings and brake bands.

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