Broadbent Centrifuge

Interested in buying a Broadbent centrifuge or just want to know to what it does or how it works? One must also take into consideration centrifuge maintenance when they are trying to improve their business operation and productivity.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is now also buying and selling surplus centrifuges like harples decanter centrifuges, surplus flottweg decanter centrifuges, centrifuges surplus bird centrifuges, and more. We buy all types, sizes and makes of centrifuges

For your information, some of the benefits that comes from using a Broadbent centrifuge are low cake moisture wit high solid content in the discharged cake. The machine has high throughput for continuous operation. It requires minimum maintenance requirements and supervision thus it is noted for its excellent mechanical reliability and low power usage. Thus centrifuge maintenance time is greatly reduced and productivity increased. The centrifuge does good solid recovery with low solids in the centrate. There are options for the machine to be fume tight and fully sealed.

One of our centrifuge sales was for a Broadbent centrifuge with a hastelloy C22 basket bottom that was a series ‘E’ type. The machine was powered by a forty-five kilowatt drive motor. The basket had a 1,250 millimeter diameter and 710 millimeter deep with the bottom discharge with hoe.

Numerous companies and operations require different types of Broadbent centrifuge and usually it becomes difficult to locate them in one place which is why we are now entering into this industrial field. Industrial Surplus Inc. will give the best prices and top dollar for the centrifuges and sell them for reduced prices for all your centrifuge needs. We make sure that all of our machines received the best possible centrifuge maintenance care.

We maintain a high standard with our Broadbent centrifuge we keep at our warehouse and office to ensure that our customers get the best deals for less and we keep serving and branching in various avenues of Industrial Surplus We have thirty years of experience in industrial and centrifuge maintenance care under our belt. Visit us at or call us at (713) 644-4011 or and please talk to one of representative who can help solve all your industrial surplus needs.