Dorr Oliver Centrifuge

Looking for a quality Dorr Oliver Centrifuge? Consider that Industrial Surplus Inc. has been in business for nearly 30 years and handled many deals and transactions involving much industrial grade equipment. Industrial Surplus Inc. will offer the best prices and top dollar for the Centrifuges and sell them for low prices for your centrifuge needs. Centrifuge maintenance and repair is our primary concern so that we always know that our customers will be more than satisfied with whatever they buy from us.

One of Industrial Surplus’ sale involves Dorr Oliver Merco B-30 nozzle centrifuge disc with a 316 stainless steel rotor assembly This Dorr Oliver Centrifuge has a maximum bowl speed of 2,550 rpm and a bronze housing and a base with hoist. It had a 125 horse power with a 460/3/60 drive motor, electric spindle oiler, a belt guard, and an approximately three hundred gallons per minute (GPM) capacity. Centrifuge maintenance time for this machine is greatly reduced because of the way it operates and performs. Another sale made was for a Dorr Oliver nozzle ejecting centrifuge. It was set up as a 3 way separator for gluton/starch. The tool had a top mounted v-belt motor drive with a 40 horse power drive unit.

We have high standards and maintain them at our warehouse and office to ensure that our customers get the best deals for less in Dorr Oliver Centrifuge sales. We keep serving and branching in various avenues of industrial surplus. We buy all types, sizes and makes of centrifuges. So many companies and numerous other operations require many different types of centrifuges that it becomes difficult to look for them in one place which is why Industrial Surplus is now venturing into this industry. Centrifuge maintenance for any centrifuge you choose to buy and use is also another big factor you must take into consideration in optimizing your operational process.

Go to and check to see what have in our store. The company deals with other types of centrifuges other than Dorr Oliver Centrifuge like surplus peeler centrifuges, bird centrifuges, flottweg decanter centrifuges, harples decanter centrifuges, delaval centrifuges, and many more. Call us at (713) 644-4011 quickly so that we can answer all your questions and industrial surplus needs.