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With the arrival of Hurricane Sandy it was expected that more than 40,000 customers would be out of power Tuesday. Orders were given to lift the ban that kept people from returning to counties like New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, which are located in some of the low lying areas of the state.

A reporter from The New York Times, Brain Stelter, observed, “Delaware’s neighbor to the south, Delaware, saw flooding in predictable spots, including along the coastal highway that connects its resorts to Ocean City, Md. But the biggest beach town here, Rehoboth Beach, fared well, with minimal damage visible on Tuesday morning as the sun tried to break through the cloud…”

During the weekend, mandatory evacuations were in effect in flooded parts of the area, from Maryland to New Castle and neighboring Fenwick Island in the south. Flooding continues to be a problem in some areas, but people began returning to their homes and many roads and bridges reopened on last Tuesday.

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