Flottweg Decanter Centrifuge

What is a Flottweg Decanter centrifuge? Well, a Decanter centrifuges are used for the thickening and dewatering of a variety of sludge at different stages of wastewater and water treatment. Sludge dewatered in a decanter centrifuge is typically suitable for reuse or disposal, whether for agriculture, incineration or land filling. Depending on the size of a sewage plant as well as on the origin of the sludge, different processes for waste water treatment are applied. The result is a diverse collection of sludge generated different in their physical and chemical characteristics and in their dewatering properties.

In order to achieve high cake dryness, an appropriate scroll design is critical. Special means were taken to make a compression effect in the conical part of the Flottweg Decanter. All Flotterg OSE and HTS Decanters have comprehensive protection against erosion. The scroll flights are hard-faced with tungsten carbide or tiles that are optional. The scroll rotates at a low differential speed relative to the bowl and conveys the deposited solids toward the conical end of the bowl.

Contact Industrial Surplus Inc. to learn more. One of our recent Flottweg Decanter centrifuge sale involved a used Flottweg Z-4D Solid Bow Decanter Centrifuge. It utilizes a 3 phase by 3 way system with a fifteen cubic meter per hour capacity. It came complete with gearbox and fiber casing. The tool has maximum bowl speed by thirty-five hundred rpm speed powered by a twenty-six kW, thirty-nine horse power motor.

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