Industrial Equipment Buyers and Equipment Buying

Whether you run a busy construction business, scrap metal yard, or just looking for the latest industrial equipment to meet your needs – Industrial Equipment Buyers  have a lot of choices on the market. Maybe you need a new forklift, a new tractor, or a motor to recondition; surplus buyers and sellers are a great avenue to begin your equipment buyers.

Surplus companies buy and sell industrial equipment from businesses that are selling off old merchandise, merchandise they no longer need, or from companies that are going out of business and liquidating their assets. In today’s rough economy Industrial equipment buyers do well to buy from surplus companies.


Buying used or surplus equipment may not be at the top of your list, you may think that you are better off to buy brand new direct from the manufacturer. However, if you do a thorough background check into the reputation of the seller, and the make and model(s) that you are buying – you can save quite a bit of money while still getting a high-quality product.

Dealing with an industrial surplus equipment buyer who has been in the business of serving their customer needs for many years is always your safest bet. Also, look for an equipment buyer/seller that searches and buys quality equipment nationwide and is willing to discuss the details of the equipment with you. For example, if the seller is not willing or able to give you some background knowledge or maintenance records of the equipment you want to buy, then you may want to look elsewhere. Overall, avoid anything that seems sketchy and follow your intuition.


It is amazing the types of equipment that Industrial equipment buyers  can find through industrial surplus companies. Here is a list of just some of the items that most surplus companies buy and sell: construction equipment, electrical equipment, manufacturing equipment, generators, marine shipyard equipment, mining equipment, oilfield equipment, power generation equipment, processing equipment, pulp and paper equipment, scrap metal material, steel mill equipment, surplus electronics parts, and surplus valves and fittings.

With that extensive list, you should definitely consider surplus sources to meet your equipment buying needs.

If you have excess equipment that you are trying to sell off, you can find an equipment buyer that meets your needs. In fact, most websites have online forms or contact information that allow you to enter your information, giving the buyer the opportunity to determine if they are interested in buying your equipment.  You should also contact their customer service department to inquire into their buying needs and terms of service. You may want to consider whether a certain surplus buyer will buy out your entire inventory or whether they will only buy certain items. For your own ease, you may want to stick with a surplus buyer who guarantees to buy out your entire lot of merchandise, saving your time and money. In summary, Industrial equipment buyers have many choices for buying and selling their surplus equipment. 


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