Peeler Centrifuge

A Krauss-Maffei HZ Peeler centrifuge is known for maximum efficiency in operational performance. These machines are used in numerous processing operations like fine chemicals, food, and handling bulk chemical volumes. As your business needs and processes change, these centrifuges can be adapted easily for your needs.

A Peeler centrifuge produces high centrifugal forces that lead to lower residential cake moisture. These machines have excellent wash results because it uses a horizontal basket arrangement that allows for an equal distribution of liquid wash. It has excellent product purity since the filtration rate can be extended to increase contact time with wash liquid and solids for a purer cake. Even if you are using fast filtering products, the tool’s siphon feature allows for the uniform arrangement of solids from a liquid pool without any harmful vibration leading for smoother operation of the tool. 

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One of our recent peeler centrifuge sale was for a thirty-two diameter Robatel centrifuge. The machine was pharmaceutical grade. It had a 3.3 cubic feet basket capacity with a stainless steel basket dimensioned at thirty-two inches by 350 millimeters capable of two thousand rpms.

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