There are factory rebuilt and service re-conditioned pieces available when considering centrifuges for sale in Arizona. Some consumers may be unsure of which type of centrifuge would be best for their situations. When the company has decided to invest in in a used, reconditioned or rebuilt centrifuge, it is helpful to know more about the processes. Knowing the difference between a reconditioned or rebuilt centrifuge can be helpful when in the market for a centrifuge.

Factory rebuilt centrifuges for sale in Arizona are considered used machines. The term “factory rebuilt” refers to the product itself being broken down completely and rebuilt again. The goal of this process is to upgrade the centrifuge through the use of more current parts. The end result is a centrifuge that performs similarly to a newly-purchased product. Parts are either replaced or restored during the rebuilding phase. The goal is to make the centrifuge conform to a warranty. The typical process includes complete dismantling, internal cleaning, replacement of parts, and final inspection. An additional warranty is used once the process has been completed. 

A service reconditioned piece is restoration process. The key components of the centrifuge are reconditioned. The motors are reconditioned and tested to make sure that they are functioning to meet manufacturer specification standards. The controls are also replaced in this process. This type of system is protected by a limited warranty. One can expect for the parts and labor to be covered in the typical limited warranty. 

Both types of centrifuges are cost-effective in comparison to purchasing a new centrifuge. Both require the replacement of certain parts and are tested thoroughly before becoming available to the public for sale. The factory rebuilt centrifuges for sale in Arizona are designed to guarantee the highest level of performance possible for a used part. The reconditioning process for a centrifuge focuses exclusively on restoring the major components of the machine, extending the life cycle of the centrifuge.

All types of centrifuges for sale in Arizona can be purchased for agriculture, water treatment, pharmaceutical and other industrial purposes. The budget and production needs are key considerations when purchasing a centrifuge. Any reconditioned or factory rebuilt centrifuge can be ideal for any number of industrial settings.