Centrifuges are an important piece of equipment in many fields of work and study. Their unique ability to efficiently separate different types of matter make them valuable tools. They work by using centrifugal force to separate matter by its different properties of mass. The machines are made up of a fixed-base center with center stems. To these stems arms that hold hollow tubes are attached. When the centrifuge is turned on it spins at the proper rate to separate the materials with the heavier mass into the tubes while the material with the lighter mass stays in the center of the machine. 

The many applications of centrifuges include medical uses like separating plasma from red blood cells and many industrial uses like separating water from solids that are being collected. It is even uses in agricultural industries for uses like separating cream from whole milk. Centrifuges are even used in maned space flight programs when participants are placed in them and spun so that they can build up tolerance to g forces they have to withstand during the launch of space vehicles.

You will find centrifuges all over the country in places like dairy processing plants in Wisconsin, the impressive400 g-ton centrifuge available for research use at the University of Colorado, and at medical research centers everywhere. Without centrifuges we would likely be unable to collect many types of particle that are key to producing all kinds of things we use on a regular basis. While centrifuges are such a key part of many industries, the machines tend to be quite expensive and there are very few places to purchase them used. Thankfully, Industrial Supplies Inc. carries used centrifuges for businesses that need them.

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