A centrifuge is a very piece of equipment that can be utilized in a variety of different settings. It is typically driven by some kind of electric motor. A centrifuge puts objects in circular motion in order to separate the components of some kind of liquid mixture by weight. With rapid spinning, the centrifuge efficiently separates the heavier components of a mixture to the bottom of a test tube, while the light components remain on top. A centrifuge is a very useful tool for medical as well as biological endeavors.

There are multiple types of centrifuge that are available for use, including fixed-angle centrifuges, swinging head centrifuges, and continuous tubular centrifuges. A fixed angle centrifuge is designed to maintain the test tube at a consistent angle as it it spun. A swinging head centrifuge has a hinge that allows the test tube or swing outward as the device is spun. A continuous tubular centrifuge does not spin test tubes, and they are typically put into use for spinning large volumes.

There are other centrifuges that are categorized for their intended use. An ultracentrifuge is designed to spin at very rapid speeds. These centrifuges are ideal in biological and biochemical applications. Haematrocrit centrifuges are used in medical applications to measure the amount of red blood cells in a blood sample. There are even certain types of centrifuge that are designed to separate various isotopes in a gas sample. This type of centrifuge has limited use, and is typically only utilized in the enrichment of uranium.

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