A centrifuge is obvious a very important piece of equipment for a variety of different institutions. They are utilized in many different colleges and universities, hospitals, doctor's offices and institutions specializing in medical research. Because of their wide application of use the devices can be purchased from suppliers in any state in the United States. For those interested in purchasing a centrifuge in Georgia, Industrial Surplus is the best option.

First, the individual interested in purchasing a centrifuge in Georgia must know the specific type of centrifuge that would suit their needs best. For example, there are many different varieties of centrifuge, and each have applications in which they are designed to perform best. Centrifuges can be classified by what their intended use is, and by the way they work.

An ultracentrifuge is utilized primarily for biochemical, biological and polymer science applications. This specific type of centrifuge is designed to spin samples at extremely high speeds. In doing so, the samples are separated quickly by weight, with heavier parts of a mixture at the bottom of the test tube and lighter objects at the top. Gas centrifuges are primarily utilized in the enrichment of uranium. This type of centrifuge is called a gas centrifuge, and it is designed to separate the isotopes of gas by weight. A haematocrit centrifuge is used in medical applications. Its primary use is to separate the components of blood to allow medical practitioners to measure the percentage of red blood cells in a specific blood sample.

Swinging-head centrifuges have a hinge where the test tube or other sample container sits. This allows the sample to rotate outward as the centrifuge spins. A fixed-angle centrifuge, on the other hand, is designed to hold the test tube or sample container at a consistent angle as the centrifuge spins. This kind of centrifuge is common for biological and medical uses.

While these centrifuges are all useful in other applications, Industrial Surplus specializes in providing the best industrial centrifuges available. These specialized centrifuges are designed to separate, pull out or wash specific materials. For example, some of these larger centrifuges are designed to remove solids from drilled oil, separate sugar crystals in a sample, remove solids during the wastewater treatment process, and separate cream from milk. Several centrifuge manufacturers provide numerous styles of centrifuge for their clients to choose from. In Georgia alone, there are dozens of companies that sell centrifuges at a discounted rate compared to many other centrifuge suppliers.