Does your specialized application in Hawaii require the use of an industrial centrifuge?

The properly selected and installed industrial centrifuge is an essential tool in many applications requiring materials or liquids separation in a wide range of industrial processes including the separation, purifying,extracting and washing of products or materials. It is estimated that there are over 200 specific applications that utilize ndustrial centrifuges. These processes can involve liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and liquid-liquid-solid separation requirements.

The industrial centrifuge is an industrial application of Stokes Law and works using either the filtering or the sedimentation principle, generating a strong rotational force around a central axis. This centrifugal force will be many times, even thousands of times that of gravity. This force pushes materials outward while gravity and centripetal force allow the separation of particles and liquids based on differing weights and densities. Industrial centrifuges that use the filtering process force the material or liquid through a filtering medium.

Depending on the application and materials involved, industrial centrifuges will use a variety of techniques to achieve the actual material or liquid separation. Common types of centrifuges include pusher, peeler, screen, decanter and continuous liquid. Because the industrial centrifuge is so application specific, Industrial Supply stocks a wide range of industrial centrifuges for sale. We can discuss your specific needs and deliver an industrial centrifuge that meets those needs.

Whether it is separating liquid phases or extracting liquids from solids, the industrial centrifuge is utilized in food, beverage, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, textile, and waste water treatment processes. Multiple types of industrial centrifuges are utilized in the power plants and water treatment facilities in Hawaii. Also, centrifuges are used in the sugar industry so important to Hawaii to separate sugar crystals from the mother liquid extracted from sugar cane.

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