Looking for a good centrifuge at a fair price? Contact Industrial Surplus Inc. They can provide businesses schools and private individuals all over Idaho with high quality centrifuges. Centrifuges can play a number of key roles in industry, science and education. However they can be prohibitively expensive. That is not the case when they are bought from Industrial Surplus Inc. They have a wide range of models and brands at prices that are hard to believe. Don't let price stand in the way of getting the necessary technology for your organization. Not when Industrial Surplus Inc. can provide an excellent refurbished one.

Some of the brands of centrifuges Industrial Surplus Inc. has for sale include:

  • Bird Centrifuge
  • Broadbent Centrifuge
  • DeLaval Centrifuge
  • Dorr Oliver Centrifuge
  • Flottweg Decanter Centrifuge
  • Peeler Centrifuge>
  • Sharples Decanter Centrifuge 
  • Tolhurst Centrifuge
  • Westfalia Centrifuges

Companies and individuals can contact Industrial Surplus Inc. for a complete list of the centrifuges they have available. They can send the centrifuges people purchase anywhere in Idaho. The refurbished centrifuges are perfectly suited for separating, extracting ad washing any material placed in them. Impurities can taint the results of processes done in a centrifuge. The refurbished centrifuges available from Industrial Surplus Inc. have all been thoroughly and professionally cleaned to ensure there are no impurities to taint the results they provide. 

Centrifuges are important for a number of industrial and environmental processes. They can also be used for science projects and to create a wide variety of products. They work through the use of centrifugal force and gravity and can be used to extract liquids from solids or different types of solids from each other. Centrifuges can also be invaluable for students or businesses involved in the textile, wastewater treatment and pharmaceutical industry among others. Industrial Surplus Inc. can provide almost any type of centrifuges businesses, schools or private individual my need.

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