A centrifuge is a machine that rotates at high speed producing centrifugal force. When placed in a centrifuge and spun, substances separate into components of varying densities. We see this when we separate milk and cream, or when we spin blood to divide it into red cells and plasma.

In Kansas centrifuges see many uses. In the medical field alone centrifuges can separate, refrigerate and store samples that are being tested and developed as new treatments for diseases. Centrifuges are used in food production as well. This is the method used commercially to remove cream from milk and is also used to separate honey from honey comb.

Industrial Surplus is a dependable source for centrifuges at reasonable prices. Find centrifuges for industry, food and laboratory use in our large inventory of centrifuges. We will be glad to help you find the right one. There are many types of industrial centrifuges. Some of them operate by causing sedimentation of the solution being spun. The heavier particles settle to the bottom. A filtering centrifuge also works by spinning a mixture. While spinning the solution is sent through a sieve or filter and the solids are trapped by the barrier while the liquids are sent through to another receptacle. The resulting products are then stored in appropriate containers. Industrial Surplus has a wide selection of both types of centrifuges.

Many types of centrifuges are available in Kansas. Micro tube centrifuges are specific to small samples like those used in medicine and diagnostics. They can sit on a table or counter top and have very tiny flasks. There are also large standalone units for large quantities of product that needs separating. There is a size of centrifuge for every need. Some have top entry and others offer side access. Choose a configuration that fits both your need and your space. Let Industrial Surplus be your centrifuge supplier.

When shopping for centrifuges in Kansas, names that may be familiar are Westphalia, the direct drive centrifuge, and Bird decanter centrifuges. If looking for a basket centrifuge look at Tolhurst products. Sharples, Peeler, Delavel and Flotweg are also names that speak of quality in the workplace. All of these brands and more are available from Industrial Surplus.

One can easily find just the right piece of industrial equipment for centrifugal separation by shopping at reputable stores and businesses that deal in centrifuges regularly and know the varied needs of the businesses in Kansas.