If you are looking for centrifuges for sale in Maryland, you realize that centrifuges are highly specialized tools that are invaluable for use in processes that require liquid-solid, liquid-liquid or liquid-liquid-solid separation.

Industrial Surplus has earned an enviable reputation in Maryland and throughout the nation as a premier provider of new,used, reconditioned and factory-rebuilt centrifuges for a wide variety of processes and applications.

As there are over 200 uses for centrifuges, they are configured for specific applications and requirements. All centrifuges, however, are built using basic principles that achieve material and/or liquid separation by using very strong rotational forces around a central axis. This spinning force causes the materials to be driven outwards, allowing these materials and liquids to be separated, purified. extracted or washed based on different weights and densities. Some centrifuges use a filtering process that forces the material or liquid through a filtering medium.

Whether the application requires separating liquid phases or extracting liquids from solids or solids of different masses, the centrifuge is utilized in beverage,mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, textile, and waste water treatment processes. Centrifuges are put to work in tasks as varied as separating blood from plasma and sugar crystals from sugar cane pressings.

Centrifuges are categorized by these specialized applications. These categories include pusher, peeler, screen, decanter and continuous liquid centrifuges. Industrial Supply stocks a wide range of centrifuges for sale in Maryland to meet your specific needs. The brands we carry include the best known, such as Broadbent,Sharples, Westfalia, Tolhurst,and Peele. Our team is trained to help you find the very best value for your specific application. Due to their unique applications, centrifuges are often configured to specs by an OEM with a commensurate high cost. By turning to Industrial Surplus for your centrifuge needs you can obtain the quality equipment for your specific needs at substantial savings.

Industrial Surplus is the pioneer in surplus buying and selling of industrial equipment throughout the country,including Maryland. Our inventory includes surplus bird centrifuges, surplus harples decanter centrifuges, surplus flottweg decanter centrifuges, surplus peeler centrifuges, surplus delaval centrifuges, and other centrifuges. We also purchase select used and surplus equipment so if you find yourself replacing a centriuge or with excess capacity, be sure to contact Industrial supply.