A centrifuge is a critical piece of laboratory equipment for hospitals and health care facilities. Basically, a centrifuge spins a sample around at a very high speed. The high speed spinning utilizes gravity to separate materials with different masses from each other. It is this separation process that makes centrifuges very important to many different industries.

A centrifuge has several important uses, such as the analysis of blood and other bodily fluids. The high speed spinning can easily separate blood samples into component parts, making blood analysis easy and accurate. Since red blood cells are heavier than white blood cells, one can increase the number of red blood cells to a patient by putting blood into a centrifuge and extracting the red blood cells. This is particularly important to patients with anemia. White blood cells are important for those with weak immune systems, so one can boost an immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells.

Laboratories and industries can use centrifuges to separate or extract particles in a continuous process. Liquids and solids can be separated from blood, water, or any other industrial liquid. Industries, such as water treatment plants, can use centrifuges to separate waste materials from water. Centrifuges can separate petroleum products from each other in gasoline and oil manufacturing. 

Centrifuges can come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Smaller centrifuges can be used for smaller clinics and laboratories, where space is limited. The smaller centrifuges have smaller tubes so they can hold smaller samples, which is necessary for smaller facilities with limited space. There are also additional features one can have as part of your centrifuge, such as refrigeration. Refrigerated units allow the samples to remain cold while they are analyzed.

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