Companies can choose from a wide selection of ultra and high speed centrifuges for sale in California. Centrifuges used to accomplish a number of tasks such as harvesting biomass, fractionation, blood processing, separation, bioremediation and other processes can be purchased new, used or refurbished. High performance centrifuges for any type of industrial processes can be purchased through Industrial Surplus Inc.

High speed centrifuges capable of performing at increased rates improve production capacity for a business. Specialized rotors make it easy to handle large sample capacities. Some high speed centrifuges can accomplish up to 20,000 RPM. Suitable for use in both industrial processes and in research applications, a high speed centrifuge can be purchased new or as a rebuilt machine if desired. Production objectives and the purpose of the machine determine the style and model. For example, the different high speed centrifuges are better designed for higher concentrations of solids. If downtime is a concern, a centrifuge that is quicker to set up and clean with fewer parts may be the better option. Whether rebuilt, refurbished or new, warranties are available for each type of machine purchased through Industrial Surplus Inc.

The high-velocity centrifuges are capable of separating submicroscopic or colloidal particles at various levels. Ultracentrifuges with capabilities up to 65,000 RPM may be considered a major investment for a company. The production capacity, advanced performance capabilities, and special parts and rotors are all features that make it desirable. Both preparative and analytical ultracentrifuges can be purchased. All parts, including rotors, can be purchased conveniently at the same time. Both parts and ultracentrifuges carry the option of a warranty if desired.

When higher speeds are more important to the company, the ultracentrifuges and high speed centrifuges make the most sense for an industrial or laboratory setting. Some ultracentrifuges are selected solely for the ability to process up to 200,000g at a time, a major difference when compared to the other types of centrifuges that process at the rate of 2000g at a time.

Centrifuges for sale in California can come in different varieties. New, rebuilt or refurbished machines are available, and any parts can also be purchased. Warranties can accompany any of the products purchased, regardless of the type of machine selected.