As every business owner can attest buying surplus equipment is an important aspect of keeping costs low. Often what another business no longer needs, yet is still perfectly useable, can be obtained for a significantly lower price than the item would cost brand new. Equipment, like cars, starts depreciating at the moment of its initial purchase. Since the greatest depreciation is when it is newest, finding and buying used equipment is often a high priority for cash strapped companies. It is vital though that surplus equipment be purchases from a trustworthy supplier.

Indiana businesses that are in the market for previously owned centrifuges can trust Industrial Surplus, Inc. to supply them. Before selling, all centrifuges are inspected and if necessary repaired. They sell nothing that is not in tip-top condition. Industrial Surplus is not a scrap yard; they sell only quality equipment that is in excellent condition. Moreover, they guarantee satisfaction with everything they sell. Indiana companies with operations elsewhere will be happy to know that their purchase can be directly shipped to anywhere in the world. Best off, all customers receive the same level of customer service they would expect to receive from a centrifuge manufacturer while paying much lower prices.

Start-up businesses in Indiana that have need of one, a few or many centrifuges can save significantly by purchasing from Industrial Surplus. They offer sellers a good price and therefore the products they resale are of good quality. However, they sell the centrifuges at a price low enough to make it worthwhile to buy from them rather search out surplus centrifuges directly. Depending upon the industry and the specific type of working being done, there are any number of centrifuges for which a company might be in the market. They come in a variety of sizes; hence, second-hand centrifuges are difficult to locate especially in quantity. 

Among the centrifuges available from Industrial Surplus are:

  • Andritz Bird decanter Centrifuges
  • Delavan Centrifuges
  • Peeler Centrifuges
  • Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges
  • Sharples Decanter Centrifuges
  • Broadbent Centrifuge
  • Dorr Oliver Centrifuge
  • Tolhurst Centrifuge
  • Westfalia Centrifuges

Each of these centrifuges came into being as an answer to a particular need. There is no mixing and matching for centrifuges. When a specific centrifuge is required, another cannot be substituted. If a centrifuge not listed is required, it is very possible that it can be located upon request. New types of surplus centrifuges become available all the time and the company will happily work with customers to find what they need.