Purpose, budget, space and production capabilities are the most important considerations when assessing a centrifuge. Depending on the purpose of the centrifuge, a certain style or model would be sensible for a company. Floor centrifuges, benchtop centrifuges, ultra speed centrifuges, and high speed centrifuges are chosen for very specific, different reasons. In knowing the basics of the various models of centrifuges for sale in Montana, the right type of machine for a company’s production needs can be chosen.

Floor centrifuge

The floor model is ideal for facilities that have the space available to house such a machine. Used in high production settings, the floor model is often preferred to the bench models. When companies look at the ultra speed model, they lean heavily toward the floor model. Floor model centrifuges are designed to operate at high speeds and can manage higher capacities for sample processing. There are also floor models that can be classified as low speed centrifuges.

 Benchtop centrifuges

The benchtop models are usually selected for its versatility. Convenience is also another reason why the benchtop centrifuges are selected over the other models. Laboratories like this solution because it is cost-effective, making it accessible to entities of all sizes. The benchtop models offer a scaled back, functional option in that they can be used for general purposes for processing samples. 

Ultra centrifuges

Sometimes referred to as super speed centrifuges, ultra speed centrifuges typically come with many rotors. This type is used for g-forces that can reach 1,000,000. Large capacity models are often assigned a specific purpose. Commonly used for the separation of whole cells, they are capable of processing large amounts of samples in a cycle. 

High speed centrifuges

Some high speed centrifuges can come with as many as 40 rotors at a time. Applications supported by this model are high level RNA fractionation, whole cell separation, subcellular isolation, and DNA separation. The diverse capabilities of the typical centrifuge eliminate the need to have to purchase a dedicated centrifuge for a purpose. 

All of the various styles of centrifuges have their share of advantages. All types are available within any given budget.