Purchasing a centrifuge is a major decision that must be weighed carefully because of the size of the investment and how it impacts the productivity for a company. Centrifuges can be purchased for any industrial purpose recertified or new. Here are some things to consider if in the market for purchasing a new centrifuge.

Size considerations 

When a company has a limited amount of space available, recertified or new centrifuges for sale in Nebraska can be purchased in one of several models. Unlike the bench model, the floor model centrifuges offer a unique advantage because it provides more space. Lightweight models are easier for transport, particularly useful if multiple teams will be relying on the resource. If only a limited amount of samples will be processed, a smaller centrifuge may be sufficient to achieve the desirable levels of productivity.

Budget considerations

In addition to purchasing new centrifuges for sale that do not have the highest levels of speed the recertified, rebuilt or used centrifuges may help meet budget concerns. Selecting the right type of centrifuge that does not have specialty rotors or other types of parts that may be expensive to replace and raise costs long-term. Warranty protections serve as an additional means to contain costs for parts replacement and ongoing servicing requirements. Getting the right centrifuge that will meet production requirements is important. A machine that is stressed consistently to perform at a higher level than it was designed for will accelerate wear and tear on the machine, resulting in quicker replacement and more maintenance. Considering how many samples will be run in a typical shift is a good place to start in evaluating centrifuges for sale in Nebraska.

Other usage considerations

One of the most useful pieces of advice a customer should ask if the number of protocols can be handled. If there will be quite a few protocols to be considered, then a machine that efficiently and effectively meet those production needs should be considered in the planning stages. If multiple users will rely on the resource and work with a wide variety of protocols, a centrifuge with the right settings and capabilities would be a key consideration. The more the applications or protocols that are to be considered do factor in to the type of centrifuge to be purchased. 

These are things that any business should consider when in the process of acquiring a new centrifuge for their laboratory or production settings.