Low speed centrifuges function at lower RPMs/minute and are designed to work in diverse production environments. Different models and different sizes of centrifuges for sale in Nevada are equipped to serve companies in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and industrial settings. The low speed centrifuge is designed specifically for high-capacity processing that may require separations at lower speeds.

Low speed centrifuges and capabilities

The low speed centrifuges can handle different types of samples often larger in size. This kind of centrifuge is commonly used to separate larger samples, such as particles from fluid samples. Certain processes like fluid purification are optimized with the centrifuges that process at lower speeds. Designed for high capacity production requirements, this type of centrifuge provides laboratories with significant gains in efficiency. The low speed centrifuges can support a number of processes. Grinding, sawing, wire drawing and water jet cutting are some of the different functions this type of centrifuge can support. 

Maintenance and low speed centrifuges

Maintenance requirements determine the cost of ownership over time and impact productivity on a daily basis. Major technological advancements made in the design of centrifuges have included self-cleaning features. The self-cleaning capabilities make upkeep simpler to manage and can extend the shelf life of the fluid. The low speed centrifuges with self-cleaning capabilities slow the process of wear and tear on the tools and parts of the machine. In its ability to clean itself regularly, the need for extensive ongoing maintenance is reduced. As a result of these advancements, parts that affect performance lasts longer and do not need to be replaced as often. Tank clean outs aren’t needed as often because of the advancements.

Quality and performance

Low speed centrifuges come with the ability to store multiple types of programs. Internal settings ensure that the centrifuge is capable of maintaining constant temperatures for longer periods of times. Processing capabilities make it easier to handle larger volumes of samples at any given time. State of the art auto alarm technologies manage imbalances. During processing, over-heating and over-speed detection mechanisms provide instant feedback to ensure reliability while processing.

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