Laboratories, water treatment facilities and other industrial companies utilize high speed and low speed centrifuges for various reasons. Low speed centrifuges and high speed centrifuges are available for sale in New Hampshire. Businesses are looking for certain performance advantages when they decide to purchase a low speed of high speed centrifuge. 

Low speed centrifuges

These low speed centrifuges can support volumes up to 2000 ml with the right type of rotors. Low speed centrifuges support multiple processes. They are capable of handling applications that involve particles that are larger in size. The low speed centrifuges are used to separate bacteria, nuclei and cells. Some companies choose to select low speed centrifuges for their customization capabilities. The rotors and parts that often accompany this type of centrifuge are especially designed for use in certain industries. Pharmaceutical labs and blood banking companies rely on low speed centrifugation processes and require a machine capable of handling large volumes of samples at high speeds. Their ability to maintain consistent temperatures for extended periods of time make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Clinical centrifuges that operate at low speeds are able to separate and process well while maintaining the integrity of the samples or materials being processed.

High speed centrifuges

When a company has prioritized production needs and placed the ability to handle larger samples in a given process, the high speed centrifuges are usually selected. The centrifuges are more likely to be floor models and take up more space. These centrifuges are selected for their ability to process samples rapidly. With the ability to accommodate samples at a high capacity, the high speed centrifuges support applications in different biological processes. This style is known for its advanced performance capabilities in areas like clarification, separation and harvesting. It is considered to be exceptional in its ability to perform repeat processes reliably as it handles numerous batches continuously without sacrificing performance. 

When there are more processes to support and diversification in utility is a priority, the low speed centrifuges are most likely to be chosen. When larger, delicate samples must be handled, the centrifuges offering the highest speeds are the better option. Industrial Surplus World sells both high speed and low speed centrifuges.