Buy centrifuges of all sizes in Kentucky, according to the needs of any manufacturer or processing plant. Separate materials faster with a strong spin cycle. Replace malfunctioning equipment inexpensively. Rather than going to the equipment manufacturer and buying it so expensive first hand, procure used equipment that is just as functional and reliable.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is a large and quickly growing company that is known for reused and refurbished equipment and also for industrial recycling. They are expert in reusing your waste and paying you for junk simply because it is made of valuable materials. Your partner in Kentucky is now selling large centrifuges.

The purpose of these large rotational devices is to separate materials. Most households employ centrifuges in their utilities every day. Washing machines use the force of rotational inertia to separate moisture from clothing. Dish washers takes advantage of rotation to spray water onto dishes. Biology labs use the same principle to separate cells from fluids.

Heavy industries use heavy duty washing machines, as a way of speaking. Depending on your existing factory needs, you might already know what you want. If setting up a factory and stumped about how to separate materials in a hurry, these used centrifuges might be the appropriate solution.

Different machines are appropriate for different purposes, but often the same centrifuge wheel can be retrofitted for different applications. Separating water from an absorbent solid will likely result in a machine that resembles a washer. Separating solids and semisolid of different viscosity might look a little different. Generally speaking, more viscous materials will need a higher velocity and stronger rotational inertia.

Paints, for example, are made of powdered pigment mixed into a medium. If too much medium is added or if further processing is needed, then a centrifuge can thicken paint. Gravity will separate materials on its own, but it can take a very long time. A centrifuge adds artificial gravity and speeds up this process. Seven times earth's gravity will separate materials seven times as fast and so forth.

Industrial centrifuges can be a pain to find, especially the really big ones. There are top brands that will be quick to show you their brochure, but the prices are murder. For someone who cannot afford brand new, used equipment will work just as well. Manufacturers hate to admit they do such a good job that their own stuff works well for decades.