Centrifuges separate different types of matter by spinning. The centrifugal force pushes particles outward, and the result is that lighter and heavier particles end up in different parts of the centrifuge.

In Missouri, centrifuges help dairies separate cream and whole milk, and they help hospitals separate blood cells from blood plasma. Missouri industries use centrifuges to separate solids from water, and to separate minerals from soil. The Missouri school system uses centrifuges in science classes to teach students how to separate compound substances. Many organizations that desire a centrifuge find new ones cost-prohibitive. However, used centrifuges save much of the expense and still deliver consistent results. You must know the type of centrifuge you need. Gas centrifuges separate gases by weight, whereas a haematocrit centrifuge separates blood elements. You will need an ultracentrifuge for biochemical or biological applications. This high-speed centrifuge separates fluids in test tubes. You need a swinging-head centrifuge if you need your sample container to swing out and up and as the centrifuge spins. A fixed-angle centrifuge holds your sample at a specific angle during spinning. Use a continuous tubular centrifuge for spinning large volumes of liquid or solids. Many centrifuges have electric motors, but you can purchase a hand-driven one if you don’t need extremely high speeds that must be sustained for long periods of time. 

Centrifuges come in bench models and floor models, so consider the size you need before you begin shopping for one. Examine the prices of used centrifuges before you set your budget. You may be surprised at what you can save. With the many brands available, you will be able to find a centrifuge that does exactly the job you need it to at a price you can afford. Talk to experienced salespeople to get some ideas on the type and brand of centrifuge you should consider. With all the choices you have available when choosing your centrifuge, don’t rely on Missouri companies only. Find the centrifuge you need and the price you want by shopping online. You can have your centrifuge shipped to you. Trust people who have sold centrifuges nationwide. They know the range of choices you should consider, and they know how to help you decide between brands and features.