Industrial Surplus World is actively searching for chillers to purchase in the Mississippi area. Based in Houston, Texas, we have facilities nationwide for your convenience. We have built a professional reputation backed with years of honesty and integrity so you can feel confident when you do business with us. Friendly, experienced buyer teams are available to visit with you at your location, and at a convenient time for you. As a leader in the industry, we are confident that we can make you the best offer possible for your unwanted chillers. A reputable company, we've been in business since 1974 and have thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Currently, we are searching your state for all types of chillers, including new and reconditioned chillers. Maybe you have made changes in your business, have upgraded your lines, or are closing your operations and have chillers you no longer need. Whatever type of unit or units you may have to sell, we are interested and would like to make an appointment to speak with you about it today.

Chillers are basically defined as machines capable of producing chilled water, which is then used to dehumidify and cool air in industrial and commercial settings. The four basic types of chillers commonly used today are centrifugal, screw-driven, reciprocating and absorption. Some of these operate as air-cooled and some as water cooled, and they typically put out between 53 to 3,500 KW of cooling power, depending on unit size, type and whether the units are brand new chillers or older, previously used models. No matter which type you have, we have a need for them and we are very interested in making you an offer for yours. 

As a surplus buyer, we are particularly interested in your used chillersRemanufactured chillers are also high on our list to acquire, as well as any specialized types such as absorption chillers and reciprocating chillers, used in your particular business operation. Additional types we are wishing to purchase include air-cooled chillerswater-cooled chillers, and screw and centrifugal chillers. If you are located in the state of Mississippi and have one unit or hundreds of units for sale, please contact us today.