We are coming to you to get many chillers! If you have chillers to sell, we want them all. Our experts will look at all the New Chillers at your site. We are ready to buy. Used Chillers are very interesting. Surplus has our attention as well. If you are ready to sell, we are ready to buy. We badly want chillers. The Remanufactured Chillers that are at your site are on are list and we want to see. Our big trucks come with us and our money too. Show us any Reconditioned Chillers if they are there. Those are good too. We would really like all of your chillers, whatever they are, we want to look. Our team likes Air-cooled Chillers and we know we will find the Water-cooled Chillers are perfect for sure. It is our time to buy chillers, we must have more chillers. We have a fondness for Centrifugal Chillers, and a soft spot for thoseReciprocating Chillers. If Absorption Chillers are there, we will procure all you have. Available chillers are what we need, and we will travel, and view, and pay you right there. Missouri is not too far. We are standing by and we will come quick. Give us a call. Send us pictures, we love to look.

We are keen on Used ChillersReciprocating Chillers have our attention. We bring our own trucks and we pack and we load. Air-cooled Chillers are desired, and Reconditioned Chillers are just what we like. You won't have too many, our desire is great. Water-cooled Chillers are dandy, we will buy them too. If Missouri has Centrifugal Chillers to sell, that is fantastic for us, we will scoop them up. Send us an email. We will come fast. New Chillers are splendid, andAbsorption Chillers are fabulous. Reciprocation Chillers are favorites on our list. If you have them, we want them. Show us the Re-manufactured Chillers one more time to make sure we saw them all. We are Industrial Surplus World and we want to buy chillers. Send us pictures and we will respond right away.