Industrial Surplus, Inc. is an acquirer of new chillers and resale chillers. The company is an HVAC connection for trade of chillers in Montana. The company offers better than market value on new chillers and resale chiller machines.

Sellers of used chillers should know that trade consideration is based on condition and quality. The primary criteria to the purchase of used chillers, is the return on investment that the unit might bring on the resale market. 

Chillers may be reconditioned chillers or remanufactured chillers. Review for chiller purchase audits condenser capacity and material, compressor type, IP rating, power source, circuits, coolant requirement, cooling capacity and evaporator capacity, material. 

Acquisition of chillers is dependent upon full working capacity of a unit. To be bought, chillers must meet regulatory compliance on emissions release. Chiller machines not meeting environmental audit must be evaluated for potential result of maintenance, service correction. 

Some states may restrict resale of components not up to spec, and particularly where injection refrigerants are leaking or substandard in hazard compliance (i.e. flammable or toxic). Chiller units evidencing effluent release on inspection will be prohibited purchase unless repaired. 

Efficiency in kilowatt per refrigeration ton (kW/RT) is evaluated for energy compliance in the state of sale. Performance of a chiller’s motor fan, noise and piping, as well as fluid discharge temperature influence on the total lifecycle cost per unit may impact offered price. 

Chiller units must include fully functioning features: local control panel, remote control panel, fault indicators, pressure indicators and temperature indicators. Some models include secondary features like casters, emergency alarms, hot gas bypass and water switchover functions. 

Additional checklist items for purchase of a chiller include: motor voltage, electrical class, elastomer and mechanical shaft seal material, IP rating, process pump material and rating, and process flow and pressure. Fluid tank capacity, model and fabrication and estimate of full load kilowatt usage may inform the purchase price.

Chillers not showing standard injection of appropriate refrigerants, or evidencing operating efficiencies will be considered substandard. Flow reciprocity within circulation necessary for temperature stability is an essential feature in properly functioning chiller machines.

The company is interested in chiller trade with a number of sectors. Chemical processing, beverage and food processing, medical research, metal material treatment and pharmaceutical formulation are normally served by chiller engineering. 

We look for centrifugal chillersair-cooled chillersabsorption chillersreciprocating chillers and water-cooled chillers. Purchase is subject to review of original unit specifications. 

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