Chillers traders in Nebraska will find that Industrial Surplus is the top HVAC source for sale and resale of new chillers and used chillers. The company is also an asset appropriation resource for the buying and selling quality industrial chiller equipment.

Used in a wide variety of industries, chillers are found in light manufacturing of metals and chemical processing, food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical formulation. Also used in the medical field for X-ray diffraction and MRI machines, lasers and cool high-heat storage in clinical and hospital settings, chillers are essential to stabilization of compounds. Chiller units are closed-loop systems that are generated by valve controlled circulation of cooling fluids. Re-circulation of fluids ensures stability and reciprocity of flows in temperature response.

Specifications to purchase consideration contribute to calculation of the total life cycle cost of a unit. Chiller machines are reviewed for type of power source, IP rating, circuits, coolant requirements, cooling capacity, number and type of compressors, condenser capacity and material and evaporator capacity, material and type. Other features such as fluid discharge temperature, motor fan, noise and piping are subject to audit. Reporting of chiller kilowatts per refrigeration ton (kW/RT) efficiency may be involved. 

The company is particularly interested in purchase of chillers that adhere to environmental regulation and compliance. Foreign models of chillers may not be up to specification. The option of resale on chillers may depend upon evidenced compliance of injection refrigerants. A chiller must be up to standard for resale. Large chillers with low kW/RT are of interest for their energy savings. Flammable or toxic residual in a system resulting in a negative reading may be denied purchase. 

Chillers purchased by the company must exhibit working capacity as indicated in process pump specifications: elastomer and mechanical shaft seal material, motor voltage, electrical class, and IP rating, process flow and pressure, as well as pump material and rating. Internal fluid tank size, materials and full load kilowatts current capacity are assessed for value.Chillers accompanied by original documentation and maintenance record will more likely sell. 

Machines must have fully functioning control panel features (i.e. fault indicators, local control panel, remote control panel, pressure indicators and temperature indicators) to be considered for purchase. Refrigerants, operating efficiency, and other features such as emergency alarms, hot gas bypass, municipal H2O switchover and moving casters may attribute additional value to a chiller purchase. Direct purchase of air-cooled chillers, absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers, reciprocating chillers, reconditioned chillers, remanufactured chillers and water-cooled chillers is our specialty. 

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