Cities in Nevada are far and few between. If you happen to manage a large plant with aging chillers you are probably wondering, when the time comes, just how you are going to replace them and have them hauled away without spending a small fortune. If so, you need to call Industrial Surplus Inc. We are a major buyer of used chillers and other industrial equipment. We are located in Houston Texas, with offices across the U.S. And can schedule a buyer to inspect your equipment even in remote Nevada.


Currently we are buying large reciprocating chillerscentrifugal chillers and absorption chillers. Both air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers types are wanted. We'll purchase almost any chiller, pay you top dollar, pick it up and haul it away. If you happen to be looking for new chillers or replacement equipment, we work with a large network of sellers and buyers, so we can probably find reconditioned chillers or remanufactured chillers to meet your specifications.

If you are managing a plant closure and need to sell off assets, talk to our Asset Recovery Specialists. They can work with you to liquidate almost any type of equipment through our network or at auctions held across the country. We buy all kinds of manufacturing, processing, and construction equipment. We can even help dispose of chemical by-products stored on-site like breaker switch and transformer oils. If you need to contract the demolition of a plant or facility, we offer single source services. Whether you are demolishing a processing plant, manufacturing or storage facility, we can demo the entire facility, a partial unit, or dismantle large equipment installations.

Our company is a major dealer in scrap metals. We buy and sell precious metals and metal alloys, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Let us quote you a price for your scrap materials.

Often contractors will charge you separate fees for disassembly of equipment and hauling it away without giving you a fair valuation for its scrap value. They'll keep those profits for themselves. That doesn't make much financial sense when you can liquidate the equipment and receive cash for it's value. We pay sellers on the spot for their equipment or materials, and we'll pay a very competitive rate.

Contact Industrial Surplus Inc. and ask what we can do to help with recovery of your capital equipment investments and scrap material inventory. Our representatives will go over your options and schedule a buyer to visit your facility.