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Chillers are routinely used in many commercial and industrial settings both in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, and throughout the nation and the world. Simply defined as machines which produce chilled water, they effectively remove the humidity from the air which benefits and economizes the process of air conditioning for the cooling needs of large commercial and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Several different types, sizes and models are in use today including both air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. The category of water-cooled chillers can also include several different types such as semi hermetic chillers, scroll chillers and screw chillers. Power sources for these units are commonly a heat source, such as hot water or steam power for the absorption chillers, while electric motors, steam or gas powered turbines typically provide power for reciprocating chillerscentrifugal chillers and screw-driven chillers commonly used in the modern industrial environment of today. A robust market exists for new, used and remanufactured chillers as companies build new facilities, and expand existing ones. Contact Industrial Surplus World today!