Are you looking to recover some value from those old industrial chillers rather than just scrap them? Do you have other equipment or materials from which you would like to recover value? Call Industrial Surplus Inc. We are a major buyer of used chillers and other industrial equipment. You may think New Mexico is too remote, but with offices across the United States, we operate in all lower 48 states. We can inspect your equipment, pay cash on the spot for it, dismantle, and haul it away.

We are currently offering top dollar for all types of water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. We'll buy large centrifugal chillers and reciprocating chillers, as well as absorption chillers. If you are looking for replacements we can locate new chillersremanufactured chillers, or reconditioned chillers that meet your specifications. We have a large network of buyers and sellers for all types of equipment and scrap materials.

Do you have other equipment to liquidate or scrap? Are you managing a plant closure or demolition? Talk to our Asset Recovery Specialists they can work with you to maximize the value of your capital equipment and scrapped materials through our nationwide auctions and direct sales network. We can also offer single source services for demotion or dismantling of entire plants. Our experienced crews have demolished or dismantled all types of processing and manufacturing plants, and large storage facilities. Our precision crews can take down an entire plant, a partial unit, or dismantle large installations of heavy equipment and move it safely off-site.

Often contractors will charge you a fee for dismantling your equipment or facilities and charge you additional fees to haul away scrap and debris without compensating you for the fair value of the materials. We will pay you on the spot for your equipment or scrap before it's loaded or hauled off-site. We pride ourselves in offering you the best deal.

Industrial Surplus Inc. buys and sells all types of scrap metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metal alloys, and precious metals such as copper, silver, and gold scrap or plating. We also purchase new or used inventories such as turbine parts and values, or processing equipment like CNC machines, fabricating equipment, oil field equipment, generators, marine equipment, paper processing equipment, and centrifuges. Do you have quantities of transformer or circuit breaker switch oils stored on-site? We can dispose of that too.

Contact us to talk about your liquidation or disposal needs. We can schedule a visit with one of our buyers in New Mexico to inspect your equipment or facility, discuss your options, and help you create a plan. Let us help you recover some of your investments.