We are coming to North Carolina to buy any New Chillers that you may have. We will have a look at your Used Chillers, and if you are ready to sell those Absorption Chillers, we are ready to buy them. We’ll take all of theRemanufactured Chillers that are on your site, pack them and load them ourselves. We are interested in the chillers of small companies, and we are interested in the chillers of large companies. We really want those New Chillers andUsed Chillers. We arrange shipping for everything we buy, even on the Reconditioned Chillers that you will sell to us. We will pay for everything we buy at your site before we leave. We want some chillers very badly, and we will take everything you have. If you have Reciprocating Chillers, we will take those too. We just want all of your chillers. As is condition is fine by us.

If we haven’t found you, call or email us because we want your Absorption Chillers . Another type of chillers we are looking for is Air-cooled Chillers. We will come to any place in North Carolina. We want Water-cooled Chillers = Semi Hermetic Chillers + Scroll Chillers + Screw Chillers. We are standing by. We said we wanted your Centrifugal Chillers, and we do. Save your Screw Chillers for us because they are on our list. We arrive with money to pay for the chillers before they are loaded by us on our trucks. The best deal for you will be from Industrial Surplus Inc. We are looking all over the country for Remanufactured Chillers, and we are interested in yours. If you have even one Surplus item, our truck is ready. Have your Reconditioned Chillers and Air-cooled Chillers ready because we also like those chillers very much. Don’t worry about packing, loading, or moving any Water-cooled Chillers, because we do all the packing and loading. Tell anybody you know on Facebook or Twitter that we want those Centrifugal Chillers. If your friends have Reciprocating Chillers, let them know we are coming. We are standing by for your calls or emails. Call or email us today, and we are on our way!