North Dakota is a bit off the beaten path of commerce, so you may think your options are limited for salvaging your old used chillers or other plant equipment. But Industrial Surplus Inc. can help. With offices across the United States we buy, sell, dismantle, and haul all types of industrial equipment and materials in all lower 48 states.

We have buyers right now in North Dakota actively buying all types of chillers. We are interested in large centrifugal chillersabsorption chillers, and reciprocating chillers. We'll buy water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers. Our experienced crews will dis-assemble your units, haul them away, and put cash back on your books.

If you are in the market for new chillers, or if reconditioned chillers or remanufactured chillers fit your budget better, we most likely can find units that match your specifications through our large network of buyers and sellers, and at a cost significantly less than you'd pay to local industrial heating and cooling contractors.

If you are closing down a plant, or planning demolition of an old facility to make room for a new one, talk to our Asset Recovery Specialists early in the process. They can help plan your liquidation or demolition by getting you maximum value for your equipment and scrap. Through nationwide auctions and our network of buyers we can buy and sell almost any equipment or materials you need to move. We can also offer demolition services. Our demo experts can plan and execute the demolition or dismantling of any size plant, facility, or heavy equipment installation and haul away the parts and debris. We have experience with chemical plants, paper and steel mills, generating plants, and all types of fabrication facilities.

Industrial Surplus Inc. will purchase most types of scrap metals. We pay generously for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, alloys, copper, and precious metals. We can also liquidate heavy processing equipment such as CNC machines, forklifts, generators, mining equipment, paper processing and oil field equipment, as well as scrap inventories of turbine parts and values, and transformer or circuit breaker switch oils stored on-site.

Unlike other salvage buyers, we'll pay you on the spot for your equipment and materials before it's loaded or hauled away. Our company prides itself on giving you the best price and service.

Call us to discuss your disposal needs or liquidation plans. Our buyers can schedule a visit to meet your time table and help you plan the logistics. In most cases we can offer you a one stop service saving you time and additional money.