Do you have chillers to sell as the result of a renovation or a demolition in Ohio? Or, are you in possession of excess new chillers that you need to dispose of? If so, look to Industrial Surplus Inc for assistance. We are a Houston-based enterprise that has been buying and selling chillers and related equipment for almost four decades. We deploy teams all over the country to acquire air-cooled chillers and most others as well. 

The process is simple -- please email your product portfolio of surplus chillers to us, along with pictures. We will promptly contact you to see if we can come to an agreement. We then travel to your site to acquire the chillers. Nothing leaves your property until we have paid you. Our approach is transparent and customer-friendly. 

We are typically interested in all types of water-cooled chillers, including scroll, semi-hermetic, and screw chillers. In your industrial applications, perhaps you have surplus chillers that were used in die-casting or machine tooling, maybe in Youngstown or Columbus. 

Again, we are buying water-cooled chillers whether they were used in a plastics factory around Columbus or at a food processor in Cincinnati. Perhaps your facility has used chillers after years of machining automotive parts around Akron.

We will work to provide good quotes for remanufactured chillers or reconditioned chillers that have been used in pharmaceutical formulation or at power generation systems as well. Or, do you have excess absorption chillers orreciprocating chillers to dispose of?

Universities, hospitals, government buildings, and shopping malls have typically used multiple centrifugal chillers orscrew chillers to provide both air conditioning and refrigeration. Perhaps these chillers now have to be disposed of because of a closure or an expansion. These chillers can often be turned into cash. If dis-assembly or even demolition is involved in acquiring the chillers, we have crews that can assist. Again, you are pre-paid before the equipment leaves your facility. 

>We work with organizations both large and small. Fortune 500 companies are included among our clientele. We are interested in chillers regardless of capacity. If you have a chiller used for air conditioning that is rated at 20 tons, we are interested. Or, if you have large 1500 ton chillers, we are interested as well. With three offices and 18 lay down yards strategically situated around the country, we have the resources to work with any size project. 

Since 1974, we have built our business around trust and integrity, and around a "can do" attitude. Email us your list of unwanted items along with pictures, and we will contact you promptly. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and to earn your business.