Industrial Surplus World is looking for chillers to purchase in the state of Oklahoma. If you have new chillers, or used chillers of any type, size or model, we are very interested in speaking with you as soon as possible. Our corporate offices are located nearby in Houston, Texas, and we have additional locations throughout the nation allowing us to offer fast responses to your queries. In addition, we have expert buying teams ready to come to your business, no matter where in Oklahoma you may be located. As leaders in the industry, our large client base gives us the strength and buying power needed to make you the best possible offer on your chillers. Nearly four decades of incredible customer service coupled with the guiding principles of honesty and integrity have made us a successful company and an industry leader in the surplus business.

Nearly every large industrial or commercial building utilizes an air conditioning system containing chillers. A basic definition of a chiller is a machine that dehumidifies and cools the air. Both water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers are part of the cooling system in almost every industrial and commercial building. Usage of these systems provide an economical way of keeping both people and inventories cool, comfortable and productive in even the most severe climates. Today's modern chillers come in many sizes but are usually one of four basic types. Centrifugal chillers are named for their use of centrifugal impellers, and have fans moving at high rotational speeds to compress the refrigerant gases. Screw-driven chillers use shafts called screws to compress the refrigerant, and are usually totally enclosed. Reciprocating chillers utilize pistons moving in a reciprocal fashion and their condensers are usually air cooled. Absorption chillers, usually powered by steam or hot water, have low electrical power requirements making them very economical to operate.

Because we purchase all types of chillers, including reconditioned chillers and remanufactured chillers, we would like the opportunity to purchase any chillers that you have stored in your inventory as excess or any that have been replaced and are no longer being utilized in your operation. We also purchase chillers during liquidations of fixtures and inventory after a business closure. Please contact us today and let us make you a great offer for your chillers.