Resale of chiller machine units in Oregon is easy with Industrial Surplus. The Pacific Northwest’s resource for buy and sell of new chillers and used chillers, the company is the primary HVAC connection for purchase and resale of air-cooled chillers, reciprocating chillers, absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers and screw chillers. The trade in chillers has never been so easy.


Purchase of water-cooled chillers (i.e. semi hermetic, scroll or screw) chiller equipment are desired for inventory. Trade in chiller machines is conducted across manufacturing and scientific sectors. Chillers are often bought from the chemical processing, beverage and food processing, medical research, metal material treatment and pharmaceutical industries. 

Trade in remanufactured chillers,absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers, reconditioned chillers, air-cooled chillers, reciprocating chillers and water-cooled chillers is subject to change based on inventory levels. Prior to purchase, the machines are assessed for fluid tank capacity. Chiller units are closed loop systems that generate lower temperature by effluent circulation throughout the cooling system. Cooling systems must be up to specification for consideration.

Unit features such as fault indicators, pressure indicators and temperature indicators on the local control panel and remote control panel of the chiller must show to be fully functioning prior to purchase. Standard compliance to fluid injection systems reciprocity must be evidenced. Failure to pass testing of the fluid systems required for unit temperature stability will prohibit purchase. 

Chiller acquisition for resale must who that all features to the unit are in check. Operations capabilities in motor voltage, electrical class, elastomer and mechanical shaft seal material, IP rating, process flow and pressure and process pump material and rating must be evaluated. In addition, energy specifications on kilowatt ratings, power source, circuits, compressor levels and capacity, condenser, cooling and evaporator capacity may influence purchase. 

For the best trade in chiller unit resale, machines should be in compliance with the rules of they state they are located at time of sale. Interested parties can review the terms to resale of hermetic equipment for more information on trade. Up-to-date refrigeration technologies and high cost injection refrigerants may impact pricing. Emissions discharge found chiller units may limit the resale of a chiller. 

The company and its products are in compliance with all U.S. safety standards. Machines meeting audit checklist criteria prior to purchase will have met appropriate criteria to energy usage in kilowatt refrigeration efficiency, and fluid discharge temperature readings required for the total life cycle cost per unit in effect at time of offer. 

For information on Oregon trade in chillers, visit the Industrial Surplus, Inc website for contact: