If you are near any of the large city centers in Pennsylvania, you probably have lots of options when it comes to choosing a contractor for a tear down and rebuild of your commercial chiller units. Depending on size the job can cost $10,000 to $30,000 and two to three weeks of down time. But sometimes it makes more sense from a financial perspective to avoid the down times and just swap out your existing units with used chillers.


Industrial Surplus Inc is a major buyer and seller of used and new chillers and we have representatives inPennsylvania right now buying large centrifugal chillersreciprocating chillers and absorption chillers, of any size or condition. We're buying both water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. Our buyers can schedule a visit to your facility to inspect your equipment and make you an offer.

We are a Houston Texas based company with offices across the U.S. and we operate in all of the lower 48 states. Our experienced crews can dismantle your equipment and haul it off premises, and put some of that original investment back on your company books.

If your plans include exchanging existing chiller units, our large network of buyers and sellers can very likely locatereconditioned chillers, or remanufactured chillers that exactly match your specifications. Typically you'll find our prices beat out any local contractor for new or used chillers.

If you are involved in a plant closing or demolition, we can liquidate your assets through a network of auction houses, buyers and sellers. Our Asset Recovery specialists can show you how to maximize your return on the liquidation. We buy almost any kind of equipment, excess inventories, and scrap. If you have a plant full of heavy process or fabrication equipment, our crews can dismantle it, haul it, and sell it off. We'll buy your old CNC equipment, generators, construction equipment, forklifts, vehicles, and assembly lines. We can even help you dispose of hazardous materials like transformer and breaker switch oils.

If a plant demolition is in the plans, we are a single source demolition service with experience demolishing or dismantling any type of process or fabricating plant, or storage facility. We can tear down an entire plant or precisely dismantled a partial unit.

Industrial Surplus Inc. buys scrap metals too, and can pay you top dollar for ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, copper, alloys, and precious metals. Unlike some buyers, we will prepay for your equipment and materials before it's loaded and hauled away. Our buyers have a reputation for delivering the best deals.
Call us today to discuss your project we can work to your schedule and help your logistics.