When it comes time to retire those large commercial chillers in your facility, call Industrial Surplus Inc. We buy all kinds of used chillers and industrial equipment in Rhode Island. We are currently buying large reciprocating chillers,centrifugal chillers, and absorption chillers. We'll buy either water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers and we will pay top dollar. Wouldn't you prefer putting some of that retired asset back on your books rather than watching the local contractor haul it away for profit?

We are a Houston based company with offices across the United States. We have a network of haulers and crews that will dismantle your equipment and haul it away quickly and safely anywhere in the continental United States, regardless of your location. If you happen to be in the market for new chillersreconditioned chillers, or remanufactured chillers, our large network of buyers and sellers probably have units to meet your exact specifications, and at a cost significantly less than you might expect.

If you are vacating a facility let us give you a bid on your excess equipment. We buy just about any equipment and scrap. We'll buy your plant vehicles, forklifts, CNC machines, generators, fabricating equipment, old aviation and marine equipment, injection equipment and centrifuges. If you have an installation of large fabricating or processing machinery, we can dismantle and haul it away. We also are a major dealer in the scrap metal market and actively buy all precious metals, alloys, and ferrous or non-ferrous metals. We can even dispose of dielectric oils from your commercial break switches and transformers.

Our buyers will visit your Rhode Island location, inspect your equipment and materials and make you a competitive offer. We prepay on all sales so you will have payment in-hand before materials are even loaded on the trucks.

Do you need demolition services? We can offer a single source solution, with expertise in dismantling or demolishing all types of plants including steel mills, paper and pulp mills, chemical plants, and fabricating operations. Whether your project involves an entire plant demo, a partial unit, or stripping the interior of one, we can take it down for you efficiently and safely.

Call Industrial Surplus Inc. to discuss the project. We will work with your schedule and help you plan the logistics. You will be surprised at the value we can recover for you from your scrap and old or excess equipment.